302 North 9th

The first place I drove to on my hometown pit stop last week was my Nanny’s house.

Of course I knew before I got there that it had been torn down a few years ago. That knowledge didn’t prevent my heart from sinking when I got to her corner.

The corner that used to blossom with tulips, roses and babies breath.

The corner where a very pink house used to stand proudly.

The corner that nourished an old pear tree and the mailbox that stood beside it.

The corner where I learned to french braid hair, dye easter eggs and and appreciate design and love color.

The corner where I ate redeye gravy on Christmas mornings, learned to paint and always knew I was loved.


The house may be long gone but my memories of 302 North 9th are very much alive and a part of who I am.


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