Where I come from

So I took a little pit stop on my way to the lake last Friday.

I’ve been wanting to take some pictures of the town where I grew up. The place that is the setting for most of my memories before the age of eighteen.

It’s not now nor has it ever been a big, fancy place but as we all do my town has changed, grown and to some degree kept up with the times… they are building a McDonalds now and rumor is a Braums sometime next year…pretty big deal for a town with one stoplight.

Though I appreciate the new and improved I found myself drawn to the old stuff.

The horse swings in the park, that plead for a coat of paint

The rocket slide that seemed so big and risky when I was little

The Rangeline Motel sign that even as a kid I knew was tacky

The old convenience store next to the tennis courts …always grabbed a Dr. Pepper and an order of potato wedges after tennis practice

The football field (replaced with a new one a few years ago) where I spent almost every Friday night my first 18 years



I’m glad I took the time to stop, reflect, remember and record before these pieces of my memory are inevitably upgraded, restored or all together demolished.

My town – a place where I grew up happy – left with a smile – and remember fondly.


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