The Middle Man

My first child wasn’t really ONE child at all, it was two… twin boys

I learned very early in my Mothering gig that being in the middle of a twin relationship isn’t always easy.

You have to ignore their fights because the second you get involved they are fine with each other and will redirect any remaining anger at you.

You also have to accept that they don’t necessarily need you…

they have each other.

Kind of that “third wheel” theory in action.

All of that to explain why I fell in love with the snap I took at the lake…


C&C on either side of their friend Alec.

Alec has been the middleman for years now. He has found that elusive balance of being in the middle of twins.

Ignore them or quietly laugh when they fight.

Knowing that you are important to them just in a different way than they are with each other.

A tricky friendship that has survived elementary school, middle school and 3 years of high school.

My guys and their friend off to tackle the world, or just check their phones to see if their girlfriends called.


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